A major oil company along with a major engineering company contracted PROTEC to manufacture a TUTA for methanol injection, chemical injection and hydraulic supply. The engineering company provided the piping and instrumentation drawings and basic specifications which included very ambitious space requirements for the components. They left the packaging and construction to us. We chose to provide an all 316L stainless skid to improve upon problems encountered using normal offshore coatings. Additionally due to the depth of the wells the system pressures would require higher pressures than are typical requiring some creative design for the air actuated valves used in the system. This additionally required welding procedures that were critical for the 1.5” API socket welds that were used. Designs were made by PROTEC and accepted by the customer. Just prior to the initiation of fabrication the customer requested the addition of a block and bypass circuit to be added to the system for each umbilical connection. This required the addition of an additional 15 1 ½ “ flanged 6000 psi valves. The footprint constraints remained the same. New drawings were produced and approved with only a 10 day delay in construction. The customer ended up keeping the TUTA’s in storage at our facility for 30 days before they were ready to take delivery. The flexibility to meet the customers changing needs made the delivery of the project an on time reality.