About Us

PROTEC has been in the manufacturing, design and assembly business for over twenty five years. Our plant is located in the Houston area and is a certified ISO 9001 Quality System manufacturing facility. All internal business systems are computerized: engineering, material control, accounting, payroll, communications, ISO quality control, project tracking and project bidding.

We specialize in the manufacture of modular skid mounted equipment for the onshore and offshore oil and gas industry. We manufacture SUTA’s, SDU’s, Mudmats and Mounting Bases, Subsea Accessories (Parking Frames, Cobraheads, STI, PIH, etc), HPU’s, TUTA’s, Control Panels, Hull Ballast Control Systems, Launch and Recovery Systems and specialty equipment for production, testing, sampling and other applications.

We pride ourselves on our quality approach of providing our customers with products that will meet their needs. We understand the intricacies of complex projects and we offer the value-added ability of not only manufacturing the equipment but also having a complete understanding of the equipment and the processes involved.

We have received numerous accolades from our customers throughout the years we have been in business. For example, one major oil producer commented as follows upon PROTEC’s completion of a major subsea production system: “The personal dedication shown by the PROTEC team has been unmatched by anything else I have seen. Your ability to maintain a quality and safety focus despite the enormous schedule pressures you were under at times is a shining example for what we should strive for in all our work.”

Additionally, we recently received the Global Quality Excellence Award from a major offshore prime contractor, a customer which continues to use PROTEC as a preferred supplier of subsea production equipment.

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